Our Professional team is supplying relevant raw materials and equipment’s in this field for different applications. Some below items are as following:


1-      Synthetic staple fiber production line,

2-      Bi- Component fiber prod. Line,

3-      POY and FDY filament yarn production line,

4-      Spandex yarn prod.  Line,

5-      Complete line for non-woven fabric prod.,

6-      Special line for prod. Of Extra high tenacity PE fiber,

7-      Complete line for dyeing and finishing of weaving and knitting fabrics,

8-      Foam Prod. Line for furniture and bedding applications

Raw material:

Granules and Chips:  PET / PP / LDPE / HDPE / PA

Acrylic:  ASF / TOW / TOPS

Viscose fibers VSF / FILAMENT

Polyester staple fiber

White & Black Master batch for all sectors

Artificial Natural Texturized Yarn